I recently changed web hosting providers, and in the process my previous blog posts were erased. I'm not sure whether many people bother to read blog posts these days, but I enjoy writing them and will continue to update my blog as time permits. One client of mine who did read my blog remarked that she enjoyed my previous post about the "Best clam chowder on the coast" although as it later turned out, she didn't necessarily agree with my selections. Sadly she is no longer with us today, but I'd like to credit Karleene Morrow as the inspiration for this writing. Karleene was an accomplished writer, long time Newport resident, and the wife of coach Gene Morrow, namesake of the NHS "Morrow Field".

Each year, Western Title here in Newport holds a clam chowder tasting event to raise money for charity. I try not to miss the event because charity and chowder are two of my favorite things. As long as both are flowing, well, life is pretty darned good. The fun part of the event is that several local restaurants participate and serve chowder, so one can try them all and subjectively decide which one they like best.

I should preface my "picks" with the fact that it is pretty difficult to find a bad cup of chowder here on the central Oregon coast. Local restaurants can't stay afloat without the support of locals during the off tourist season (winter) so if they don't serve delicious food, they don't last long. I will also preface my picks with my qualifications as a chowder judge: I have lived here on the coast for over 30 years, during which time I've even a whole LOT of chowder!

So without any further ado, it's a three way tie for best chowder in my book: Newport Steak & Seafood, Rogue Ales, and Georgie's restaurant. All three are fantastic and I can taste the succulent goodness even as I type this. Newport Steak's is a little thicker than the other two, but all three boast off the chart flavors. I can't conclude this post without mentioning other local "chowder powerhouse" restaurants either including Mo's, The Chowder Bowl, Shilo, and Embarcadero. Again, restaurants which don't serve great chowder don't last long here at the coast and these places have been around for decades!

Which restaurants have the best seafood? Well that's a blog post in itself, so I'll save that for later. In the meantime, go out and get yourself some delicious clam chowder!